What's New

How to create your first form

We've created a short video tutorial on how to create your first form. Click here to check it out.


Form builder

The next exciting thing that we are working on is a form builder that you will be able to use to build your website forms. We are excited about it since many if you have asked us to add it and we believe it will give you great value.

Coming up

Delete form

There was an issue with deleting a form. It is now fixed

Bug fix

Form enabled notation

You can now see a small icon next to each one of your forms in the list whether it is enabled and ready to accept submissions, or disabled


Customize email notification sender name

To make it easier to distinguish between email notifications of different forms, you can now customize the sender's name of the notification email. For example, use "Booking Form" or "Contact Form" as the sender's name. In addition, all email configuration for both notifications and auto-respond has moved to the Email tab.


Export to CSV is now available

Our most requested feature is now available - in the submissions tab of your form you'll find a link to download all your submissions as a CSV file


Zapier integrations now in Beta

We're happy to announce our new Zapier application is now available in Beta. Through Zapier you can integrate with practically any application like MailChimp, Trello, Google Spreadsheets, Calendar, Email, SalesForce and much more. Check out our documentation for more details.


Google reCAPTCHA just got easier

You no longer need to register to Google reCAPTCHA yourself. It is now as easy as pasting 2 lines of code. Checkout your form edit page.


Prevent spam using honeypot

A new simple and efficient technique to fight spambots. Add a hidden field that will be filled by bots, in order to detect them. Refer to documentation for more details.


Integrate using Webhooks

You can now integrate with any 3rd party tool using webhooks. For every non-spam submission that we receive, we will POST and HTTP request to a URL that you define.


Spam filtering

We've integrated a new spam filter. It has a very high accuracy rate of over 99.8%. You will now get cleaner results. You can still see your spam submissions under the Spam folder


Email notification to users

You can now send emails to your users upon submission. You can control the subject, sender name, and body, and you can embed data from the submission so you can personally greet your users ("Hello, John")



In addition to filter by dates you can now search free text on all fields in the submissions page


A big facelift to our UI and UX

We've practically built the entire UI from scratch to be much more friendly and easy to use.


What's-new is now available!

This page that you are reading now is all new! We will report here all new features and bug fixes.