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How to Process Webflow Forms Through Form-Data

If you've exported your Webflow site you'll have to find an alternative service to handle your form submissions.

Form-Data.com provides a secure service that accepts your form submissions, filters spam, notify you by email, sends a templated email to your client, and integrates with any CRM or other tool that you are using through Zapier.

In order to process your submissions through form-data follow these steps:

1. Register or login to form-data.com and go to "My Forms" under the user menu.

2. Click "Create New Form" button

3. Give your form a meaningful name and save

4. Set the domain from which your website is hosted. You don't need to specify any subdomains or paths. Click Save.

5. Set the address of the page where your users will be redirected after they submit the form. Click Save.

6. Now back to the top, enable the form

7. Copy the URL from the Form action URL field. It should look something like this:


8. Go to your Webflow site editor, click your form, and open its setting panel. Paste the URL that you copied into the Action field, and change the Method dropdown to POST.

9. Publish your site, and your form will start sending submissions to form-data.com.

Take the time to explore all the possible options you have in your Form-Data form settings.

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